About Us

We are group of persons from different profession  across the globe  who are experts and experienced  in medicolegal science and wishful to help the people entangled in  complex medicolegal problems.We are “not for profit” “non-government”organization and  we are eager to help who suffer from medicolegal problems without any fees -may be person,doctor,lawyer, professional organization,hospital,pharma company,ASSOCIATION OR INDIVIDUAL.We extend our helping hands to all who are entangled in medicolegal cobweb.

“Medicolegal” is the term, which incorporates the basics of two sister professions i.e. Medicine and Law. It is referred to as the service that protects the medical practice from all kinds of medico-legal issues initiated against Doctors under any law, act or rule.

Medico legal field is one such field that has never been center stage in field of medicine, due to the lack of expertise in this field. Until few years, not many would have thought that we doctors would have to face medico legal problems.

But now every 5th person is diagnosed with something or the other disease for eg. Diabetes, hypertension, and so on. So, most of us have been admitted to the hospital at least once in our lifetime. As a patient , we may have bitter experience may be because of Aayabai, Ward boys, administration, billing or so and hence even after spending lakhs of rupees we aren’t satisfied with the service that we receive, which result in the putting cases against doctor for compensation

During their professional career, doctors/consultants are at the potential risk of facing criminal/ civil suits from any of their patients or relatives. For the fact concern, About 30% of the legal cases are medico-legal cases today.



To create, exchange, advance, and disseminate knowledge and understanding of medical laws.

To provide opportunities for acquisition and development of professional knowledge and skills in medical laws.

To lead as a premier group for the advancement of knowledge in medical laws and to advise and co-ordinate with the government, corporate sector, NGOs,insurance and pharmaceutical companies and academic and professional bodies, on issues relating to medical laws.

Academic Policy

To share insights and information and impart education covering the latest developments in medical laws.

To continually update the courses so that they are always in tune with the current needs of the profession.

To ensure that the students are better equipped and more responsive to professional challenges.

To regularly and critically examine and improve methods employed to deliver content.

We offer experts and expertise  in medical, biomedical, Forensic science to serve as consultants and expert witnesses for nearly every legal proceeding requiring medicolegal  or similar expertise.

Our affiliates include lawyers (both defence and prosecution), insurance companies, government agencies and private individuals all over India and in several foreign countries. Few of us offer our help in private medico-legal investigation to support defence or accused parties.

Our experts are highly qualified in their expertise. We offer our services to individual doctors, clinics, nursing homes and hospitals on regular contractual basis to avoid or defend medico-legal suits. We have tie up with lawyers to defend cases in Medical council/consumer courts, civil courts or criminal courts. Free review of your case; You can contact us by telephone, e-mail for a free review of your case and expert requirements with our Dr.Rajesh Shah Who is a renowned medico-legal expert.